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Are you interested in knowing more about hand dryers for schools? If so, then you are on the right page.Feel relaxed and make sure you read the article to the end.

hand dryers for schools

Hand Dryers are the logical choice for Schools, Colleges and Universities as the huge cost savings vs paper towels allow scarce funds to be diverted to valuable educational resources. They prevent sinks, urinals and toilets from blocking with paper towels and save caretaker and cleaning staff loads of time restocking dispensers, cleaning mess off the floor and emptying overflowing bins.

A lot of washroom facilities nowadays have converted to air hand dryers due to a number of practical, environmental, financial and hygiene benefits.

The initial costs to purchase and install washroom hand dryers can mean that businesses, establishments and organisations are hesitant to update their facilities, unaware of the long term costs and the negative effect that staying with their current drying amenities this can have.

Air hand dryers aren’t as costly as most people think and their benefits far outweigh other alternative hand drying options.

Air hand dryers are a much more environmentally friendly way for people to dry their hands in washrooms.

Paper towels are usually non-biodegradable which means they have to be incinerated or they end up in a landfill – neither of which is good for the environment. With new and improved technologies, air hand dryers are now more effective than ever at producing fast drying air, whilst using minimal electricity.


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Hand Dryers are used in a large percentage of schools in the United States – more and more all of the time. Restroom Direct supplies a number of school systems, including some that have switched their entire systems from paper towels to hand dryers. Below we will talk about the best hand dryers for schools.

The Top 10 Hand Dryers For Schools:

DryFlow® Classic PLUS II Hand Dryer
Dryflow® Elite MK 2 Hand Dryer
Dryflow® Turboforce Junior PLUS Hand Dryer
Dryflow® G-Force Mark II
Dryflow® Turboforce® Hand Dryer
Dryflow® Viper HEPA Hand Dryer
Bamboo Bobbi Hand Dryer
Dryflow® EcoWave Hand Dryer
Dryflow® Ecoforce Hand Dryer
Puff the Magic Dryer Hand Dryer

How does a hand dryer work?

Hands are placed in the path of warm air coming out of hand dryer for drying. The warmth and pressure of air coming out of the dryer is sufficient to evaporate water from wet hands. First, the air pressure blows off water droplets from the hands and then the warmth dries out the moisture from the hands.

Buyer’s Guide to School Hand Dryers

Hand dryer features
When selecting a hand dryer (or dryers) for your school, it pays to consider what you want in the way of features. To that end, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the most sought-after hand dryer features, along with some suggested models to help you on your way.

High-speed or eco?
As a rule, the greater the air speed of hand dryer, the faster it dries the user’s hands. You’d be tempted to think that the greater the speed, the better the hand dryer – however, the trade-off is that high-speed units are among the most expensive (both to purchase and to run) and least eco-friendly of all hand dryers.

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Eco dryers, on the other hand, use less electricity, making them cost-efficient and good for the planet, although they do take a longer time to do their job. Eco models can also be noisy, which may be a hindrance in schools – especially at exam time, and with smaller pupils who are frightened by loud and unexpected noises- more on that below. That said, modern high-end eco-dryers can offer the best of both worlds, with low noise ratings and quick drying times.

Suggested products
High speed: Biodrier Biolite High Speed Hand Dryer
Eco: Biodrier Eco Hand Dryers

Hands-in or hands-under?
The ‘classic’ hand dryer that we’re all familiar with uses a hands-under design. In the last few years, however, various ‘hands-in’, blade-style units have come onto the market in a big way.

While hands-in models boast greater energy efficiency and faster drying times, they carry a higher price tag to boot. There’s also a greater risk of the user’s hands coming into contact with the unit, making hands-under models the more hygienic choice.

Suggested products
Hands-under: Economy Hand Dryer
Hands-in: Biodrier Business 2 High Speed Hand Dryer

Hands-free or button operation?
The next thing to consider is whether you would like your hand dryer to be sensor- or button-operated.

Sensor-operated units make for a totally hands-free (and therefore, more hygienic) hand drying experience, although the cost of the infrared technology they use makes them more expensive than simple button-operated units.

Push-button hand dryers are much cheaper, but carry a much greater risk of the user’s hands becoming contaminated.
Suggested products
Sensor-operated: Biodrier 3D Smart Dry Hand Dryer

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Children’s hand dryers
Finally, junior schools, nurseries and creches often benefit from hand dryer’s specifically designed for younger children.

In our experience, kids love the Biobot Children’s Hand Dryer – the friendly, anthropomorphic design and low decibel rating can help dispel the anxiety that many children feel around using hand dryers.

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