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List Of Courses That Accepts D7 In English

Courses That Accepts D7 In English

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For Nigerian students navigating university admissions, O’Level English Language grades can sometimes feel like a make-or-break factor.

But fear not, even with a D7 in English, your academic path remains diverse and fulfilling.

This guide sheds light on a range of courses welcoming students with a D7, opening doors to various rewarding destinations.


Understanding University Requirements:

Remember, university and departmental requirements differ. While some programs embrace D7s in English outright, others might require additional credits in specific subjects like Mathematics or relevant sciences.

  • Science and Technology: Explore courses like Applied Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Geology, and Zoology at universities like Imo State University and Nnamdi Azikiwe University. These programs welcome D7s in English,paving the way for careers in various scientific fields.


  • Social Sciences and Humanities: If your interests lie in human behavior and society, options like History,International Studies, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. Universities like the University of Nigeria and the University of Ibadan readily accept D7s in English for these programs.


  • Creative and Expressive Fields: Don’t let a D7 dim your artistic spark! Courses like Theatre Arts, Fine and Applied Arts, and Music at universities like Ahmadu Bello University and Obafemi Awolowo University embrace students with diverse English language backgrounds, nurturing their artistic talents.


  • Business and Management: Aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders can explore options like Marketing,Accountancy (with additional credits in Mathematics and Economics), and Estate Management. Universities like the University of Jos and the University of Port Harcourt accept D7s in English alongside specific subject requirements for these programs.
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Which universities accept D7 in English for all courses?

Unfortunately, there’s no single, universal list. Each university and department sets its own admission requirements, so it’s crucial to consult the official guidelines of your desired institutions for accurate information.

Can I study Medicine with a D7 in English?

Most Medical programs in Nigeria require a credit pass in English Language, making it challenging to get admitted with a D7. However, depending on the specific university and program requirements, some alternative pathways might exist, such as resitting O’Levels or pursuing relevant pre-medical foundation programs.

What are my career options with a D7 in English?

Having a D7 in English doesn’t limit your career prospects! Numerous professions across diverse fields are open to you, depending on your skills, interests, and additional qualifications. Explore sectors like science, technology, business,the arts, social sciences, and many more. Research potential career paths within your chosen field and identify the specific requirements and skills needed for success.

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