Requirements To Study Biochemistry In UNIJOS

Requirements To Study Biochemistry In UNIJOS

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To study biochemistry at the University of Jos in Nigeria, there are certain requirements that candidates must meet.


Here are the basic requirements:

Requirements to Study Biochemistry at UNIJOS:

Undergraduate level (UTME):

  • Five (5) SSC credit passes:
    • English Language is mandatory.
    • Four other relevant subjects are typically science-based like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. However, it’s crucial to check the latest UNIJOS guidelines for confirmation as they may change.


  • Minimum UTME score: This fluctuates, but generally, you’ll need at least 200 and choose UNIJOS as your first choice institution.

Direct Entry:

  • Two (2) ‘A’ Level passes: Relevant subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


What is the scope of the Biochemistry program at UNIJOS?

The program covers various aspects of biochemistry, including molecular biology, cell biology, metabolism, genetics, and bioinformatics.

What are the career prospects for Biochemistry graduates?

Biochemistry graduates can find careers in research, medicine, pharmaceuticals, forensics, environmental science, food science, and many other fields. The strong foundation in chemistry and biology, combined with research and lab skills, opens doors to diverse opportunities.

Is it difficult to study Biochemistry at UNIJOS?

The program requires strong science background, dedication, and good study habits. The coursework involves complex concepts and lab work, but with hard work and support from faculty, students can succeed.

Does UNIJOS offer scholarships for Biochemistry students?

Yes, UNIJOS offers various scholarships and financial aid programs. Check the university website and the department’s page for updated information.


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