List of Courses Under International Relations in Nigeria

List of Courses Under International Relations in Nigeria

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Nigeria, being a country with a diverse population, offers a range of courses in international relations.

These courses provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the field of diplomacy, foreign policy, and global affairs.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy, international organizations, or non-governmental organizations, this article will provide you with a list of courses available in Nigeria under international relations.


List Of Courses Under International Relations In Nigeria:


Core Courses:

  • Introduction to International Relations
  • History of International Relations
  • Theories of International Relations
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • International Law
  • International Organisations
  • Globalisation
  • International Political Economy
  • Development Studies
  • Peace and Conflict Studies

Regional Courses:

  • African Politics
  • European Politics
  • Middle Eastern Politics
  • Asian Politics
  • Latin American Politics

Other Relevant Courses:

  • Diplomacy and Negotiation
  • International Human Rights Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • International Migration
  • Security Studies
  • Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
  • Gender and International Relations



What are Nigeria’s major foreign policy priorities?

This FAQ would explore Nigeria’s focus on promoting African integration and unity, contributing to continental peace and security through peacekeeping missions, and advocating for a fairer global economic order. It could also touch on balancing relations with Western allies and rising powers like China.

How does Nigeria’s domestic situation affect its international relations?

    • This FAQ could examine how internal challenges like resource conflicts, ethnic tensions, and political instability impact Nigeria’s ability to exert influence on the world stage. It could also discuss how these issues influence foreign policy priorities and partnerships.
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What are the key challenges and opportunities for Nigeria in the international arena?

This FAQ would look at issues like security threats from groups like Boko Haram, navigating complex regional dynamics, and capitalizing on Nigeria’s economic potential and growing population to gain further global influence. It could also address opportunities for collaboration on issues like climate change and international development.

  • What are some career options in International Relations in Nigeria?

This could be relevant for students considering the field and highlight diverse opportunities like diplomacy, international organizations, NGOs, research, and consultancy.

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